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ESSL understands how expansive clay soil can impact your bottom dollar. Shifting foundations, sticking doors, cracks in walls, sidewalks, or parking lots are some of the symptoms of expansive clay soil.

Avoid expensive business repairs down the road. Treat your soil, treat the problem! ESSL’s EcSS3000 Soil Stabilization chemical injection removes alumina atoms in clay soil to reduce shrink and swell to less than 1%, giving your business stable ground to grow on.

You’ve invested substantially in your commercial property, invest in the soil beneath it!

  • 100% Success Rate, no failure to date!
  • Vetted by top scientists at Penn State, Texas A&M, and more!
  • No digging or landscaping damage

We are aware of the time constraints and deadline pressures everyone is under when working on commercial projects and we take pride in meeting or exceeding those timelines. We specialize in new construction sites, remedial work needed on existing sites, as well as interior work with industrial and retail businesses that are experiencing foundation issues.

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