Exclusive Limited Distributorships Available

ESSL, LLC’s Product EcSS 3000®

All States with Clay Soil

Clay soil is the number one reason for foundation issues.

In fact, more structures, residential and commercial are impacted by clay soil swelling than all natural disasters combined!

ESSL, LLC has an exclusive non-hazardous product that treats clay soil to shear the negative charge in the clay soil effectively diminishing its shrink/swell capabilities. Our product is EcSS 3000®.

Over 1 1⁄2 million dollars in research

Over the course of years, we have invested over 1 1⁄2 million dollars in research on our
product for testing with Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State University. They have
proven EcSS 3000® reduces the negative charge of the clay particles and changes the
molecular structure of the clay, which is irreversible. We have injected over
200 million square feet without a failure to date!

ESSL has developed and maintained a diverse and satisfied customer base

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This type of success is the very reason ESSL has developed and maintained a diverse and satisfied customer base throughout the state of Texas. Our superior product along with excellent and professional customer service are second to none.
It’s time to expand and share our product with other areas of the country dealing with clay soil issues.

ESSL, LLC is currently offering exclusive distributorship opportunities for EcSS 3000® in all states with clay soil. These distributorships will be exclusive and protected areas for each person. We will discuss regional or state wide distributorship areas that are available with you.

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