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Exclusive to ESSL EcSS 3000

ESSL,LLC, has the best solution to your clay soil issues with our exclusive product EcSS 3000!

Our owner, Gaylon Childers, has been in the foundation stabilizing and soil stabilization business for over 49 years with a commitment to treat every customer with the highest degree of respect, to meet and/or exceed desired deadlines and swell results, and always has an open line of communication for all customers to contact him directly.  Gaylon is contacted frequently because he has a reputation for being honest, fair minded, and is a problem solver due to his vast knowledge regarding soil stabilization and the overall construction industry.

When Gaylon was looking for the best way to tackle clay soil problems, he knew they were such a major problem there had to be something out there that would actually penetrate and change the clay.  Our premier and exclusive product, EcSS 3000 does just that.  It has been proven through 3 University studies from Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State University to be a product that actually changes the molecular structure of the clay so it doesn’t act like a “sponge” and retain excessive amounts of water for long periods of time that creates the uneven ground swell and ultimately the cracks you see in your walls, above your door facings, in your bricks on your house, and/or when you experience your doors sticking, etc.

EcSS 3000 has certainly been put to the test in the field as well. With his 49 years in the soil stabilization industry, Gaylon Childers, owner of ESSL,LLC leads the industry by providing this exclusive premier product that has been successfully injected into over 200 million square feet of clay soil in commercial and residential projects without a single structural failure.

EcSS 3000 is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, won’t harm your trees, shrubs, or landscaping!

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