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Residential Foundations

Do you have cracks in your walls, doors that are not opening properly, or cracks in your brick or foundation? We have the soil stabilization solution for you! EcSS 3000®

Commercial Projects

Our diverse client base covers commercial buildings, multi-faceted sports fields, apartment complexes, complete subdivisions, fast food restaurants and storage facilities.

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An electrochemical reaction that breaks the water bonding effect, reducing upheaval.

EcSS 3000® is a water-soluble product that changes the characteristics of the charged ions in the clay particles that attract and bind water. We’ve invested in excess of one and a half million dollars in research with top universities: Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State.


Expansive clay soils are subject to shrink/swell cycles due to changes in moisture content. Continued heaving/shrinking of clay soil creates damage you begin to see…..cracking walls, bricks, foundations, and sticking doors.


The EcSS 3000® product has been proven to be environmentally friendly and will not harm shrubs, trees, or grass.


EcSS 3000® is a revolutionary chemical breakthrough in treatment of expansive clay soils. It treats the problem on a molecular level.


Our exclusive manufactured product, EcSS 3000, has been proven through research at Penn State, Texas A&M, and OSU, to be irreversible to the molecular stratus of clay which reduces the shrinking and swelling to the desired result of 1%..

Customized Solutions

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We can treat residential and commercial structures, before, or after they have been built.

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