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Over 40 Years of Testing

"The business environment that we work in today is very competitive and customers are demanding that the product that we provide is delivered in a timely manner, at a fair price and of the highest quality. ESSL has demonstrated the ability to provide outstanding service and exceeded customer expectations on this Trammell Crow project".

H. Mark Fewin - Vice President, Design Construction
Trammell Crow, Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

"Based on our recent inspection, the residences stabilized with EcSS 3000® have performed very well to date. In fact, the performance of these homes has been generally better than those using other techniques, including cutt-off walls".

Kevin M. Jordan, PE, GE President/Principal Engineer
TerraPacific Consultants Inc. - North Las Vegas, NV

"This product has proven itself to be the cutting edge of soil stabilization. We would recommend EcSS 3000® to anyone considering a soil stabilization product."

Jim Faver - Supervisor
Precinct 3, Johnson County, TX

"In both Richardson and Las Colinas the soils have a PI of over 40. All soils movement was successfully arrested and these properties have performed wonderfully to date. The Las Colinas property is over 4 years old now. The best thing about the chemical injection process (besides the non-movement of the soil and the fact that I can plant landscape materials without them being killed by the old lime slurry residue) is that it is by far more cost effective than lime."

David R. Cunningham, Director of Development
Granite Properties - Atlanta, GA

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