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EcSS 3000® is a water soluble product that changes the characteristics of the negative charged ions in the clay particles that attract and bind water. Treatment of the soil with EcSS 3000® in a diluted form results in an electrochemical reaction that breaks the water bonding effect.  This significantly reduces the volume of change… and subsequently the upheaval movement of all expansive clay soils.

The pressurized injection process allows penetration into subsurface problem areas, permeating the subsoil, freeing the ions and allowing bound moisture to move away from the treated site. EcSS 3000® is a true catalyst. Our product is not consumed as it functions… and continues the chemical reaction whenever water is present.

EcSS 3000® has been successfully used on road, highway and airport taxiway construction for more than 40 years. The stabilization results are proven and irreversible. This technology offers a cost-effective clay soil stabilization solution for homeowners, builders and project engineers.

EcSS 3000® Product Advantages Include:

A fast, cost effective and permanent solution
Reduce maintenance costs
Safe for ground water supplies, wildlife and landscaping
Does not change soil properties
100% Environmentally friendly

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